Posted by: snyelmn | October 14, 2009

Juli’s name.

Juli is the German word for the month of July (the month our little Juli was born).  Juli is pronounced “you-lee”.  The International Phonetic Alphabet spelling is: [ˈjuːliː].

Click on the play symbol to hear the German pronunciation.

Jessica and I contemplated numerous names for our puppy:  Elsa, Finley (an area on Flathead Lake), Lindley (a park in Bozeman, MT), Revais (a creek outside of Dixon, MT), etc, etc.  We really liked the idea of either using a place name that had a special meaning for the both of us or a Swiss/Austrian/Germanic name.  The latter proved to be quite difficult as many names in the German language do not end in vowels (which is recommend in naming a dog), nor are they very “ladylike”.

I think Jessica and I were driving in the car when the word “Juli” popped into my head.  We both really liked the name and so it stuck.


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