Posted by: Jessica Schock | November 29, 2009


We went to my Dad’s house in northern Minnesota for Thanksgiving this year.  He has a large yard with tons of stuff to smell and a steep hill to run up and down, so Juli was in heaven.

We were a little worried that she would get too worked up with all the people around, or start whining when she needed to be put in her crate during dinner, but she couldn’t have behaved better.  My whole family, including my blind grandmother (who is scared of dogs), loved her.  She didn’t jump on anyone and spent most of the day sitting near Kris or I and watching everyone.

My Dad made a fire in the fireplace for the first time in decades.  Juli wasn’t too sure about it at first, but quickly warmed up to it (get it?  sorry, I love my puns).

Relaxing by the fire

On Friday, we decided to reward Juli for all her good behavior by taking her on a nice long hike.  We headed over to the Wisconsin side  of the St.  Croix River to a forest preserve and let her walk off-leash with us.  We expected her to  run off the trail a little, but she never ran more than a foot or two off trail.  She spent most of the hike running back and forth between all of us.  She would run up to my Dad and Carol, stop and wait for Kris and I to catch up, then take off after the leaders again.  We were worried that she would get too tired, but it wasn’t until the last 15 min. of our 1.5 hour hike that she finally dropped back and started walking with Kris and I.

Juli waiting for us to catch up

Dog in motion

Kris. Juli. Hiking buddies.

Juli snored in the car the whole way home, then settled down for a long afternoon nap.

She always sleeps like this. We have no idea why.


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