Posted by: Jessica Schock | July 25, 2011

Big News!

Juli’s birthday present this year is a little brother!  After almost two years of joy getting to know Juli, we’re ready for more love and chaos to enter our lives.

Our new puppy, who for now shall remain nameless, is this bundle of love:

Hello beautiful!

The two boys unwillingly snuggling with me (ours is on the left)

I'm so sleepy

When he crawled into my lap and fell asleep I knew he was the right one for us.  Luckily our breeder agrees.  He’s only five weeks old right now, so we have three more long weeks until we get to see him all the time.  But we’re so grateful to have gotten the chance to visit them while they’re still so young – it was a pretty amazing experience.

Now we have to go get the house ready for a new puppy!  We don’t have much to buy since we already have a crate, toys, and baby gates all figured out.  The only shopping items are a new puppy collar and leash.  The big debate is our flooring problem.  We have hardwood floors throughout our house, and they can be pretty slippery.  We already have several rugs down, but we’d like to buy more to minimize slips and falls, which can be hard on growing puppy joints.  Keeping most playtime outside should also help with this problem.

We can’t wait for everyone to meet him as soon as he comes home.  If you’re in the Chicago area please consider yourself and your dog(s) invited to our house anytime after August 12th!

Our breeder took this photo of all the puppies waiting to go inside after a potty break


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